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Anticipating EAA AirVenture 2014 - more affectionately known as "Oshkosh"

Here are some details:

1.       Please check your bio on the MASA website ( to be sure it is up-to-date. Any corrections should be sent to Lee Smoll ([email protected]).

2.       Provide you own parking and daily entrance fees - Weekly arm-bands can be purchased from MASA (Debbie Smoll) at the EAA Member/Exhibitor rate of $119. Please contact MASA for details. (Please consider accepting your weekly pass as a pack-of-dailies so you can easily share your unused days.) Parking passes can be purchased from the EAA at $10 per day or $60 per vehicle for the week.

3.       Plan to arrive on Saturday, July 26, if possible, ready for speaking assignments on Sunday July 27.

4.       There will also be speaking opportunities during the week and on Sunday, August 3rd.

5.       Let us know if you need a map. GPS units have sure made finding your way around a lot easier.

6.       Provide, and wear, your own agency name tag, complete with your First and Last Name

7.       Please Read and understand your MASA/IAMA related email.

MASA will provide:

1.       Arrangements for speaking in local churches and small groups as opportunities are available. More than 60 assignments were scheduled for last year - 2013.

2.       Housing in area homes. Lynn Brown, 920.912.7126, is the housing coordinator, Debbie Smoll, 920.841.3906, is your back-up contact. Housing information will be sent to each individual or family unit with a confirming email to your organizations point-person. Please contact your host family as soon as those assignments are made to confirm the arrangements and your expected arrival. Contact Lynn if things change. Housing assignments are usually finalized two to three weeks before AirVenture.

3.       Meals at the MASA Hospitality Tent will be available starting Thursday July 24th as follows:

  • Thursday, July 24th, lunch.
  • Friday, July 25th, lunch and supper with the MASA Team as our special guests.
  • Saturday, July 26th, lunch.
  • Sunday, July 27th, lunch and the evening meal/Welcome event at Plymouth Church in Oshkosh.
  • Monday, July 28th through August 3rd, breakfast, lunch, and supper.
  • Monday August 4th, no meals.

Each meal is sacrificially provided by small groups, churches, or families. Please contact Joyce Ison, 920.419.1780 if you will miss a meal that you had planned to attend. Guests are welcome - but again - please alert Joyce in advance.

4.       A vehicle for use during the week, as they are available. Les Ison, 920.419.4250, is handling the vehicle arrangements. Please return your borrowed vehicle: washed, vacuumed and filled with fuel. (FYI, Daily car rental is over $125 during AirVenture.)

5.       Airport pick-ups at Milwaukee, Appleton, and Green Bay or other local airports. Art Sullivan, 920.410.6657, is our chauffeur coordinator. Please confirm your arrival information with Art and your chauffeur (both voice and text) as you board the last leg of your trip.  If you are traveling by private air, please let Art know of your progress and let him know when you arrive. In each case, we also need to know your destination in the Oshkosh area. (Please note that the communication systems get really bogged down during AirVenture and messages get severely delayed at times. That is why we are encouraging both voice and text.)

6.       A secure area to store your baggage, including a place to charge your cell phones, and manage lost-and-found items. Bonnie Hegner, 920.277.7612, our Bag Lady, is in charge.

7.       Limited Wi-Fi access is usually available - provided by the EAA.

We look forward to seeing you at AirVenture 2014.  Anticipating what God will do again this year!



Lee Smoll, MASA Executive Director

Note: This information will be sent to each individual or family group after registration.

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