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(Mission Aviation Support Association)

Bernie Koszewa - Executive Director - koszewa@aol.com - 920-585-9800


Thanks to the efforts of all our dedicated volunteers and supporters MASA provided a staggering $250,000.00 of value in services for the many missionaries that attended EAA last year. This is a testimony to how hard our volunteers work and how God has blessed this ministry.

  More than 30 years ago, JAARS was coming to the EAA Fly-In, now called AirVenture, to make connections with the aviation community. They were fixing their own food and camping on the EAA grounds. One of our local citizens, also interested in missionary aviation, learned of their need for hospitality, made contact with one of our local church leaders about the need and the hospitality ministry began. A few years later MAF joined the family and the ministry was called the JAARS/MAF Support Team.    The ministry continued to grow as more Missionary Aviation agencies, and training schools, learned of the opportunities at “Oshkosh”. In 2009 the EAA AirVenture featured missionary aviation. The word got out, and we provided hospitality for approximately 400 missionaries including their family members that year. Our current annual number of guests averages around 200.    God has assembled an incredible team of volunteers and local congregations cooperating as Christ’s Church to provide the finances, transportation, housing, food, and public speaking opportunities. The missionaries could not afford to attend the EAA without our help. We are blessed to be a blessing.


Attendees are provided daily meals courtesy of the supporting churches in addition MASA also provides housing, transportation, vehicles and guest speakers to numerous churches and area functions.

If you or your church would like to volunteer contact  Bernie Koszewa  Executive Director 920-585-9800


Aviation enthusiasts connect directly with missionary pilots. Several IAMA organizations are on display on the main EAA grounds to interact and answer questions for visitors at each annual EAA convention.

 International Association of Missionary Aviation (IAMA)